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Satyajit Das

      I caught the photography virus at the age of fifteen, when I got an old Film-camera from one of my relatives. With my allowance money I bought myself a black and white film for my first snap. I developed the first film in our local photo studio. It was one of the most magical moments of my life. In the dim red light I watched, wide-eyed, a miracle: the gradual appearance of dark outlines on the plastic surface of my film – forming the first photographic image I had ever taken.


       From then on, most of my pocket money went into my new hobby. I became the family photographer. On our trips it was I who took the usual kind of travel photos. On any occasion, in our locality I was supposed to be the photographer (being cheapest as I was always unpaid). But that was in some way blessings on me.  It was their faces that I tried to portray gave me the sense of light and shadow, the angle, the framing….. Now, thinking back, I find it symptomatic. This fascination with the human face has never left me. Every face I see seems to hide – and sometimes fleetingly to reveal – the mystery of another human being. Later, capturing this revelation became the goal and the passion of my life. I became a collector of the reflections of the innermost self of the people who faced my camera.


           Landscaping and travel photography is my another interest in this filed. The reason though, is not important. To be travelling, is an end in itself. For me, the camera is not just a creative outlet, it is the key to experience, the key to satisfying my curiosity. For thirty five years, a reasonable competence with this instrument has privileged me to travel to out-of-the-way places and corners of the India and outside world. Tomorrow, it will do so again.


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